Pugwash Nova Scotia Injury Lawyers

Top Pugwash injury law firm Blois, Nickerson & Bryson LLP acts on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of personal injury cases. From defending or representing accident victims, our Pugwash Personal Injury Team has provided effective representation in negotiations and all levels of court. Insurance cases can be complex, let our experience guide you through the maze of bureaucratic and judicial processes involved in any insurance claim. Driving home from work or to the grocery store, there is always that chance having an accident that can change your life forever. If you were involved in an accident that left you with injuries or emotional distress, you may be entitled to file for a personal injury lawsuit. Victims that win or settle their personal injury claims may collect compensation for the following: Property damage, Medical treatment, Pain and suffering, Rehabilitative
care, Lost wages, Emotional trauma, Future lost income.

Contact a member of our Insurance and Personal Injury Claims team:

Thomas (Tom) M. Macdonald, Partner  Email: tmacdonald@bloisnickerson.com  Phone: 902.425.6000
Colin Bryson, Q.C., Partner  Email: cbryson@bloisnickerson.com  Phone: 902.425.6000
Michael Levin, Associate  Email: mlevin@bloisnickerson.com  Phone: 902.425.6000

Blois, Nickerson & Bryson LLP has been serving Pugwash Nova Scotia since 1864

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